Whether it is connecting with others to pray or getting prepared for your marriage, we want to help you take the next step in your journey.  

Still exploring what Christianity is all about? Be sure to check out Alpha, a weekly gathering with great food and a relaxed back environment where you can freely ask questions.


We love helping kids to discover who God is and His great love for them.  We have a trained team of volunteers who are happy to welcome your little one into a safe, age-appropriate ministry.

Your kids are more than welcome to join you in the auditorium for our morning service. Or, if you/they prefer, they can check out WestVillage Kids, a fun, age appropriate and engaging kid's ministry for those 10 and under, that runs during the same time as our gathering.


We know how important it is for youth to have great community and awesome role models.  Our desire in WestVillage Youth is to disciple youth to find their identity in Christ alone while building strong community.  The ministry is geared around youth aged 13-17 and is led by committed and passionate leaders who want to see youth grow and thrive.