Our Values


We are a church that emphasizes the Good News of Jesus Christ in everything we do and say – not just as a message to proclaim, but a Person to know and love and to follow and experience. This means that we desire to not just know about Him or the Bible, but to have a living relationship with Him, applying the teachings of the Bible to our “everyday”, being devoted to talking with Him in prayer and living life with Him and for Him through the power of His Spirit, while showing and sharing Him with those around us.


We desire to be a church that gives ridiculously and lavishly, willingly and cheerfully. This means giving of all kinds- our resources, from money and stuff, to time and gifts, to God’s work and the things He is about. We desire to be a blessing to our community, our city, our world; those who are a part of our church and those who are not, and especially those who are in need or are marginalized.


We desire to be a church that gives our best for the One who gave His best. This is an act of worship to our God and an act of love for our community.


We desire to be a church that is real. This means it will be less than perfect (or the appearance of such), and at times messy. It also means we will be truly friendly and inviting to all types of people at all stages of life. We will strive to maintain a full balance of being full of grace and truth, just like Jesus.


We desire to be a growing and reproducing church. Healthy, living things grow and reproduce. This means an emphasis on introducing people to Jesus and teaching them how to follow and live for Him more fully, and pouring into the next generation, developing leaders and starting more churches that desire to do the same.

Body Life

We desire to be a church that is unified in its mission and diversified in its make up. In the same way that our bodies are made up of many parts working together and each part plays its part for a greater goal, the church is most effective and healthy when the people who make it up are active and work together, using their individual God-given gifts, experience, energy, time and passions, as part of the larger mission and life Jesus calls His church to be.

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