WestVillage Youth

When we first envisioned what youth could look like at WestVillage we were excited by the potential we had for engaging youth in all aspects of their lives.  We didn’t want to be a group that just spent time together but really wanted to ensure we showed the relevance of Christ in how we work, learn and have fun together.  Please look below about how we are seeking to Challenge, Connect and Celebrate with each other.

Food Drive- 1st Tuesday Of The Month


A significant portion of our lives are spent in the activity of work.  On the first Tuesday of the month we spend time together volunteering together for the Westboro foodbank.  Our hope with these nights is that as we consistently model the value and importance of work it will build an understanding in all of us of the importance of a Godly work ethic and of helping other.

For those students who are in High School and requiring volunteer hours to count toward their graduation requirements they can bring in their sign off sheets so that these hours can count for this.

Discussion Nights- 2nd & 3rd Tuesday Of The Month

A second important aspect of a persons life is their ability to learn and grow.  On the 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays of the month the groups meet together at our Church offices at 375 Richmond Rd.  On the 2nd Tuesday of the month the Junior High students participate in a discussion who’s topic is determined by one of the students while the Senior High work through the weekly C Group questions.  On the 3rd Tuesdays the groups switch with the Junior High working through the C Group topics and the Senior High working through a chosen topic.

All of these learning opportunities are structured in a discussion format and each person is encouraged to participate as much as they are comfortable doing.


Friday Fun Night- 4th Week Of The Month


On top of the fun that we have every week we specifically designate the 4th Friday of each month as our official “Friday Fun Nights”.  These Fridays are just about having fun together.  Some of the events we have done include rock climbing, games nights and lasertag.  These nights are a huge amount of fun and are often an easy way to get introduced to the group.

Family Event- 5th Tuesday Of The Month

A few of the months during each year have 5 Tuesdays in them instead of the typical 4.  For every month that has 5 Tuesdays we utilize that 5th Tuesday as a Family Night for the youth group.  During these nights we participate in one of the same activities that we have set in place for our regular night.  On these nights we invite not only the parents but siblings as well.

Central to all of the activities, discussions and service we do together is the person of Christ. In Him we find the foundational reason for our beliefs and the ultimate expression of who we want to be. In each of the areas we engage in, Christ remains the reason and the focal point for why we do what we do.

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